Tutorial – How To Convert an Image Into CMYK Using Gimp On Ubuntu

Gimp is a powerful image manipulation tool. It is very similar to Photoshop! If you have been using Gimp for any amount of time, you will already know its power. It an do most things that Photoshop is capable of. Compared to Photoshop, however, Gimp lacks some features that makes life so easy when you are creating beautiful images. For example, Gimp lacks native support for converting a standard RGB images to CMYK. It becomes more of a process with Gimp! In this tutorial, I will show you how to convert standard RGB images to CMYK.

Before I start, this tutorial will be geared towards Ubuntu users running GIMP 2.8+.

Step 1 – Don’t Use Gimp

Gimp, simply put, is an RBG editor and doesn’t support CMYK out of the box. There was a plugin written a very long time ago called separate+. But this code hasn’t been maintained and lacks the support to use a professional level. After hours of searching for the right solution I came across the one that work! And it works really well! It’s called http://www.rgb2cmyk.org. Which does a kick butt job at converting images for you.

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