Gmail – Godaddy “TLS Negotiation failed, the certificate doesn’t match the host.” Error

Recently, Gmail updated their SSL policies on the alias email address configurations. So if, like me, you are alias email addresses as your Gmail configuration to solve the problem of having a custom email address without having to sign up for Google Apps, then you’ve probably seen an issue with connecting your alias email address to your Gmail account.

About 6 days ago is when this new policy is being enforced. You will see it come through as an error “TLS Negotiation failed, the certificate doesn’t match the host.” in the form of a returned email saying that your email was undeliverable. After hours of searching for the answer to this problem. I found this forum post with the answer

If you are using Godaddy cPanel for your email, this will fix your problem.

  1. Sign into your hosting account and click the link that takes you to your cPanel install.
  2. Once you have signed into your cPanel account, observe the domain your cPanel is hosted on. You’ll see something like The “:” and last four numbers of the domain refer to the port that you cPanel is hosted on. You’ll remove that when you move to the next step and end up with:
  3. Now take the above address and replace your domain you originally used.
  4. Boom! You’ve got an alias again!

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