Why Did The FireBug PHP Debug Panel Project Copy It’s Name From The Dev Tools Built For Firefox?

The short answer is that it didn’t on purpose. It was a complete accident! An oversight on my part.

The Long Answer

When I originally started the FireBug project, I was going to name it FireDebug. It got shortened to FireBug because of a name space issue in PHP. Well, I guess more of a standards issue with namespace conventions…

You see, I’ve been building a suite of tools call the “Fire” suite. All leading up to a grand vision project FireStudio. So every dev tool that would come out of this effort was going to be called Fire{name of tool}. The original namespace on the 1.0 version of this project was \Fire\{name of tool}.

Well, when creating the debug part of this project, I started out with the namespace \Fire\Debug. Meaning that the project would have been called FireDebug. Well once I got to developing, I decided I was going to create a FireDebug panel, rather than the \Fire\Debug class being the entry point into the application. This class would become a helper class. So to create my entry point into using this feature, “Bug” became the name. So after building this out I ended up with \Fire\Bug as the namespace I’d be going to production with.

Bottom line being, I never associated FireBug with the Firefox dev tools. I was too heads down developing the library to pay attention. Maybe we should change the name, but we’ve gone full out with the FireBug name and re-branding this now would cost a significant amount of time/energy/and money. At this point it is a business decision to keep moving forward with the FireBug name.

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