FireStudio 1.0.0 Release Preview

We are really excited to start this journey with WordPress as we have decided to build out the functionality behind FireStudio on the WordPress Platform. If you know nothing about FireStudio, checkout Our Vision for FireStudio.

We have just submitted our plugin for review to and are awaiting approval. As we wait, we have decided to distribute a preview for the plugin to give WordPress power users a chance to use it before it is available.

Download The FireStuio Preview Plugin

FireStudio 1.0.0 in action

FireStudio 1.0.0 Features

At the moment, we are pretty far from where our vision is leading us. We want to empower everyone on the web with their own API and give them the ability to choose how they share their personal data.

With the FireStudio 1.0.0 release, the only functionality FireStudio contains is a suite of tools that can assist developers with debugging. At the center of the functionality is an admin modal that integrates our FireBug project. Giving developers the ability to use our built in debugger() function to easily debug their WordPress applications as they develop their plugins and themes. FireStudio also includes a debug panel that allows developers to easily see what SQL Queries WordPress is making to render the current page. And finally, developers can easily enable PHP Warnings and Errors without having to update their wp-config.php define('WP_DEBUG', true); code.

FireStudio Security

FireStudio uses cookies to determine which features you want turned on and it requires admin access to even load the admin panel. So for security, you have nothing to worry about. When you turn on any of the debug toggles, they are only visible for you. As you are the admin and you have the correct cookies set. Since you don’t share cookies with other user sessions, no one else will have the debugging experience you have.

Using The FireStudio Debugging Capabilities

Using debugging capabilities in FireStudio is simple. First login to WordPress as an admin user. Then, in your Admin Bar, look for the “FireStudio” link. When you click that link a modal will appear with “Debug Toggle” options.

  • Enable PHP Error Display – Displays errors/notices given by PHP. Almost like enabling WP_DEBUG.
  • Enable Current Page Debugging – Enables debugging for the current page. The next time you reload the page and open the FireStudio admin modal, you will see the debug panel appear with information about your session and how the page was loaded.

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