FireDI Release 2.1.0

FireDI 2.1.0 was just released. Here’s what’s new:

  • Implemented PSR-11 Container Interface. Here’s what that means. FireDI is compliant with an agreed upon standard for how you should implement a container of objects.
  • Updated code base to follow PSR-2 Coding Standards. In a previous work situation, we followed Zend 1.* standards for coding. I adopted many of those not working on a modern framework. I had to update the code base to be compliant with PSR-2.
  • Implemented Di::has(). As part of the PSR-11 standard, I had to add a method to determine if this particular container “has” an object in it. So what that means under the hood is can this container resolve what you are asking for.
  • Updated the Di::set() interface to take in a callable and updated the logic of dependency resolution to invoke the callable as part of resolving the dependency. That means you can set factories to return objects for specific dependencies.
  • Included an MIT license! This way you can trust that the code you are using cannot be taken back from you.

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