FireStudio 1.1.0 Release Preview

We’ve been working on the next release of FireStudio. We are excited to be bringing some new functionality and capabilities to the users of this plugin. Setting the direction of where we are going with this plugin, we are officially supporting this as a framework for building functionality into WordPress. With the 1.1.0 release, we’ve […]

FireTest 2.2.0 Released – Adding Mocking Capabilities Exciting news from UA1 Labs! We just release FireTest 2.2.0. In this release we added the ability to request mocked objects from within Test Cases. We found that when we were writing tests for FireSql, that we wanted to have the ability to mock PDO so that we didn’t have to worry about actual […]

FireStudio 1.0.0 Release Preview

We are really excited to start this journey with WordPress as we have decided to build out the functionality behind FireStudio on the WordPress Platform. If you know nothing about FireStudio, checkout Our Vision for FireStudio. We have just submitted our plugin for review to and are awaiting approval. As we wait, we have […]

The Vision for FireStudio and Our Other UA1 Labs’ PHP “Fire” Libraries

At UA1 Labs, over the past 2-3 years we have been busy building out a software suite we call FireStudio. FireStudio, and its accompanying libraries (FireTest, FireBug, FireDi, FireSQL), have all been actively developed for one reason. To enable web users to secure their privacy on the web and services on the web. With the […]

Why Did The FireBug PHP Debug Panel Project Copy It’s Name From The Dev Tools Built For Firefox?

The short answer is that it didn’t on purpose. It was a complete accident! An oversight on my part. The Long Answer When I originally started the FireBug project, I was going to name it FireDebug. It got shortened to FireBug because of a name space issue in PHP. Well, I guess more of a […]