FireTest 2.2.0 Released – Adding Mocking Capabilities Exciting news from UA1 Labs! We just release FireTest 2.2.0. In this release we added the ability to request mocked objects from within Test Cases. We found that when we were writing tests for FireSql, that we wanted to have the ability to mock PDO so that we didn’t have to worry about actual […]

The Vision for FireStudio and Our Other UA1 Labs’ PHP “Fire” Libraries

At UA1 Labs, over the past 2-3 years we have been busy building out a software suite we call FireStudio. FireStudio, and its accompanying libraries (FireTest, FireBug, FireDi, FireSQL), have all been actively developed for one reason. To enable web users to secure their privacy on the web and services on the web. With the […]

FireTest – Example Unit Testing Individual Classes Without A Framework

I recently got a request on how you might Unit Test an individual class that doesn’t belong to a framework. So, here’s an example class we will be unit testing using FireTest. Let’s start out by creating a new project from scratch: Now, update composer.json to include the test runner file script. Now let’s create […]

PHP Unit Tests with FireTest and FireDI

As we talked about before, at UA1 Labs, we were interested in testing our PHP code, but didn’t want to deal with the overhead and complexity of the current PHP testing frameworks. We thought we could make it simpler. So we created our own PHP test automation framework (FireTest). Along with FireTest, we created a […]

FireTest – API Documentation

UA1Labs\Fire\Test\Suite __construct($dir, $fileExt = ‘.TestCase.php’) The class constructor. @param string $dir The directory you would like to run this test suite for @param string $fileExt The file extension that will indicate FireTest cases @return void run() The run logic used to run the suite of test cases and tests. @return void [static] log($text) This method […]