The Vision for FireStudio and Our Other UA1 Labs’ PHP “Fire” Libraries

At UA1 Labs, over the past 2-3 years we have been busy building out a software suite we call FireStudio. FireStudio, and its accompanying libraries (FireTest, FireBug, FireDi, FireSQL), have all been actively developed for one reason. To enable web users to secure their privacy on the web and services on the web. With the […]

PHP Unit Tests with FireTest and FireDI

As we talked about before, at UA1 Labs, we were interested in testing our PHP code, but didn’t want to deal with the overhead and complexity of the current PHP testing frameworks. We thought we could make it simpler. So we created our own PHP test automation framework (FireTest). Along with FireTest, we created a […]

FireDI Release 2.1.0

FireDI 2.1.0 was just released. Here’s what’s new: Implemented PSR-11 Container Interface. Here’s what that means. FireDI is compliant with an agreed upon standard for how you should implement a container of objects. Updated code base to follow PSR-2 Coding Standards. In a previous work situation, we followed Zend 1.* standards for coding. I adopted […]

FireDI – When Should I Use Dependency Injection?

UA1 Labs has been at this for a while and has made many wonder tools for developers to help keep them focused on the development they are doing. When we interact with other developers and talk with them about dependency injection, there is a bit of confusion on when they should be using it. This […]

FireDI – Advanced Use Cases

FireDI can do a lot more than just resolve your dependencies for you. This tutorial, we are going to cover other scenarios where FireDI can become helpful. For Mocking In Test Cases When working on testing your code, you will find that from time to time, you will need to mock a dependency for the […]