About UA1 Labs

Innovative Software...From The Lab

UA1 Labs is a software and website development company based out of Orlando, FL. We focus on building software solutions to help meet the needs of our digital partners. We are unlike any other firm because we focus first on the relationships with our digital partners. Not on the software we are building. Our comittment to putting our relationships first gives us the ability step away from the technilogical challenges of software and focus on innovating becase we truley care about our digital partners and their needs.

“Digital Partners” Not “Clients”!

When we start a project with you, we will never refer to you as a client. Instead, we will always refer to you as our “Digital Partner.” We realize that when you are successful, we are inherently successful. So instead of treating you as just another invoice at the end of the month, we partner with you to drive success.

Who We Serve?

We are in the business of serving you! Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of digital partners to help their software dreams come true.

Here is an example of some of the types of digital partners we’ve worked with over the years:

  • The ENTREPRENEUR with the next greatest app idea not really sure how to get started.
  • The REALTOR looking to increase listings by offering a virtual home walk-through service on their website
  • The LAWYER interested in automating their new case intake process to make their practice more efficient.
  • The ONLINE MARKETER needing help figuring out how to track online campaigns in a non-standard way or customize their sales funnel.
  • The GRAPHIC DESIGNER needing help with translating their web designs into a WordPress Theme.
  • The ONLINE STORE OWNER looking to increase sale conversions.
  • The MANUFACTURER looking to improve production using analytics gathered from IOT sensors and devices.
  • The BUSINESS OWNER wanting to automate redundant tasks or processes.
  • The ONLINE PERSONALITY needing a website to share their great content.
  • The PERSON ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS WEBSITE with a problem they know software can fix. 😉

Our Contributions In Open Source And Prototypes

We continually contribute to developing open source technologies and prototypes. Our reasoning is simple…we believe that by pushing the limits of software, we can learn new things. And by constantly learning new things, we can serve our digital partners better.

Another benefit to our digital partners is that we have already built a foundation for your dream software. By leveraging the software components we have already created, it will take less time for us to create the software of your dreams.

Open Source

Check out the contributions.


Check out the prototypes.

Mobile Apps

Check out the mobile apps.

Our News Feed

If you spend any time on our site, you will notice we have a pretty robust news feed. Filled with articles written by our very own staff. As part of our commitment to our digital partners, early on, we realized that if we don’t keep up with current technology and trends, we will cripple ourselves in being able to best serve our digital partners. Within our labs, one of our key principles hold ourselves accountable to, is the fact that by having to teach a topic or subject, you will become an expert in it without even trying. Our news feed is the proof of that accountability.

Our Store

In our store, we focus on designing and currating products for the software development community. Many of the t-shirts we sell are designed by our us.

Why We Do What We Do?

UA1 Labs was born out of the passion that comes when a Software Engineer is given the freedom to experiment and push the limits of software. It’s when the spark of imagination is matched so eloquently with the power to create anything, innovative software is born. That is what we believe and why we do what we do at UA1 Labs.