UA1 Labs Software

Open Source, Prototypes, and Mobile Apps

Open Source Software

At UA1 Labs, we have spent the past several years building up a library of components that gives us the ability to deliver solutions to our digital partners. We have licensed many of these components and released them under an MIT License as our way of giving back to the development community that has given so much to us.


A Lightweight PHP Testing Framework


An expandable PHP debugger panel.


The best PHP DBAL you’ll ever use. Turn your SQL database in to that NoSQL database you wish it was.


The Ultimate PHP MVC. FireStudio makes it possible to build applications without the need for code.


A much simpler approach to MVVM than all others! uxJS is an extendable JavaScript framework that provides you control over the user experience.


At UA1 Labs, we believe that in order to get better, we have to test the limits of the software we create. In an exercise to understand theses limits, we create software prototypes. In this process, we not only get to have a little fun, but we get to learn new things as we are also testing the limits of our knowledge.

Page Activities

This prototype was built as a proof of concept for an idea to deliver entire page activies in 2 lines of code.

Dream OS

This prototype was created to prove out a concept for creating a desktop that runs in the browser.

Build A Robot

This prototype was created as part of a 12 hour hackathon and was created so you could put together your own robot.

Mobile Applications

When we have extra time on our hands, we focus on building tools and apps that we care about and need. This our collection of apps.


The #1 checkbook app for tracking your banking transactions/budgets on your Mobile device.