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FireTest was built because we wanted to be able to automate our testing with respect to the libraries we support. However, we felt that all other testing frameworks fell short of what our requirements were. We wanted a light weight test framework that wasn’t too complicated, gave us the ability to mock certain functionality within our test classes, and most importantly, not get in the way of how we developed.

FireTest is a testing automation framework written in PHP. It allows you to automate the testing of the classes you are building. We decided to focus this test framework on the fact that the most valuable tests were integrated tests. So much focus is placed on unit tests. However, we find that most unit testing just gets in our way and doesn’t actually provide the value we were looking for. Sure unit tests are good for ensuring that complexity stays down, however, it doesn’t actually allow you to focus on your functionality.

FireTest was born to allow us to test our code, but not get in our own way.

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