About FireStudio

FireStudio is a simple and elegant framework for building apps and features for WordPress. It was build with OOP and encourages developers to build their featuring using the same OOP approach. FireStudio also features a highly customizable debug panel packed with tools to help you debug your WordPress website. Even if you’re not going to leverage the FireStudio API, the debug panel is well worth installing this plugin.


Debugger Debug Panel

A debugger panel for designating a place for your var_dumps to go. Instead of using var_dump(), simply use debugger(). The debugger function will do the exact same thing as var_dump except, you’ll be able to open the FireStudio Admin Modal to view all of your debuggers, instead of having to guess where your var_dump went.

FireStudio Debugger Panel

WordPress Actions Debug Panel

A debug panel that gives you access to see what action hooks are being executed, the order in which they are being executed, and the number of times each hook is being executed. Not only that, but for each hook that is executed the Actions Debug Panel also gives you vision into which callbacks are executed.

The WordPress Actions Debug Panel

WordPress SQL Debug Panel

A debug panel that allows you to see what MySQL queries ran to render the current page you are viewing.

FireStudio WordPress MySQL Debug Panel

Ability to Create Your Own Debug Toggles

FireStudio comes build in with the ability to create your own debug toggles. In FireStudio, debug toggles allow an Admin User to enable certain functionality for the session they are signed in for. This gives you the ability to preview functionality before it is ready for production.

FireStudio Debug Toggles

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At UA1 Labs, we are all about FireStudio. We are always interested in hearing with you have to say. The good and bad, it doesn’t matter to us. Please feel free to reach out.

Email us at support@ua1.us

The Future of FireStudio

As we are just starting our journey with FireStudio on WordPress, we have decided to roll out features/functionality progressively. Because of this, we are going to be focused on developers first. As it will ultimately be developers who help shape the future of what this plugin will become.

Our Vision

With the FireStudio Plugin we want to give the everybody the ability to own their very own REST API. Providing them access to control their data and give them a way to issue permissions for access to it. For more details read Our Vision For FireStudio.


  • 1.2.0 – Integrate FireSQL. Again, for developers, giving them the ability to start interacting with the WordPress database as if it were a NoSQL database.
  • 1.3.0 – Build capabilities that will allow a user to create their own data collections and create the CRUD screens for managing their collection objects.
  • 1.4.0 – Build external API endpoints and a permissions management solution.