How Did Browser Cookies Get Their Name?

One thing software developers do very well is name things. Typically, after an engineer gets done developing a piece of software or a concept, they look around for a name. Quite literally, they look around at objects that are sitting near them and adopt that as the name for their new widget. If you’ve been developing anything recently, you will see many funny names. For example, I had no clue this actually existed, but I searched for “bananajs” and guess what!? Github hosts a project called BananaJS. You get my point? We know that there are many funny names for libraries, but I’ve always been intrigued by that text file the browser uses to store data about your session, the Browser Cookie! How did browser cookies get their name?

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Gifts For Programmers, Software Engineers, Coders, and Developers

It’s that time of year again! You need to find a gift for that programmer, software engineer, or coder in your life! You might be looking for those perfect gadgets for computer programmers, the best gifts for coders, or even funny gifts for software engineers. You’ve found the right spot! I’ve put together a collection of unique gifts for programmers that I’m sure will help you find the right gift.

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The History Behind The Windows Blue Screen Of Death T-Shirt

The Windows Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) has been a running joke in the world of computer enthusiasts since its introduction to Windows 95. To many of us, it seems to be ingrained into the culture as the Blue Screen of Death is as iconic as Windows itself. When we think about the BS0D, we are instantly taken back to those many times we are trying to use our computers, then all of a sudden, we are introduced to the most obnoxiously solid blue screen nature has ever created. This is a brief history of this iconic blue screen and the blue screen of death t-shirt we sell.

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2018 – The Year of The Geek – Which Geek T-Shirts Will You Be Wearing?

Here it is, the beginning of 2018 and we all can agree that this year will turn out to be the year of the geek. With much of our news stories focused on topics such as Bitcoin and Artificial Intelligence, the rise geek is clear. So what will you do when the geeks take over the world and you have no choice but to blend it? The answer is to wear appropriate geek clothing! Focusing first on geek t shirts and moving on from there to hats and other like accessories. This is your guide to which geek t shirts you should be buying first.

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