Twitter is Too Easy To Hack

The Twitter hack is on! In the past several weeks, we’ve seen a number of news stories containing claims that celebrities’ Twitter accounts have been hacked. In the past two days claims that both Anderson Cooper and CBS’ anchor James Brown twitter accounts have been hacked. Only to find that the supposed hackers said something mean to Donald Trump and posted a link to a porn site.

Is Twitter Really Getting Hacked?

We really can’t know if Twitter accounts are being compromised or if the user’s are lying to cover up the backlash that might come with being associated with the tweet that came from their account. My guess is only as good as yours when it comes to answering this question. What I can speculate is that if stories keep coming out about how easy it is to hack Twitter, users will start abandoning their accounts for more secure options.

Solving The Issue

This is where it gets really interesting for us developers. How can this hacking issue be resolved. Truly, it should really be a combined effort of both the user and Twitter to solve this problem. But, as us developers know, we can’t always protect users from their own stubbornness. So it’s really on Twitter to solve this issue of hackers gaining access to user accounts. Twitter might want to consider a Tweet “Hack Detector”. This hack detector could come in the form of a red-to-green scale indicator, posted next to the Tweet. If the Tweet is suspected of being hacked, than the indicator would be red. The more red the indicator, the more likely the Tweet was generated from a hack. If the indicator is between yellow and green, the less likely the Tweet was generated from a hack.

Twitter…get your act together.

Author: Joshua Johnson

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