The History Behind The Windows Blue Screen Of Death T-Shirt

The Windows Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) has been a running joke in the world of computer enthusiasts since its introduction to Windows 95. To many of us, it seems to be ingrained into the culture as the Blue Screen of Death is as iconic as Windows itself. When we think about the BS0D, we are instantly taken back to those many times we are trying to use our computers, then all of a sudden, we are introduced to the most obnoxiously solid blue screen nature has ever created. This is a brief history of this iconic blue screen and the blue screen of death t-shirt we sell.

Blue Screen of Death History

In 1995, when Windows 95 was introduced to the world, it had become one of the largest innovations in the computer industry since the creation of the first personal computers. Windows 95 gave the world its first user friendly version of an operating system that had become widely available. As historic as this moment in history, this is the same moment we were introduced to the Window’s Blue Screen of Death!

The Blue Screen of Death was simply an error screen for Windows. If an error occurred critical enough, Windows would stop functioning, and display a Blue Screen with error information on it. Most of the time, the information was generic enough that you would have no clue what the issue was. Simply, restarting the computer would fix the error, and you would be right back on your way. This is why most IT Professionals will ask if you “…tried restarting your computer?” before they will come over to your desk.

Windows and The Blue Screen of Death Become Synonymous

As the years progressed, as anyone around in the late 90’s early 2000’s could tell you, the Blue Screen of Death seemed to become more and more prevalent in our lives. New updates to Windows introduced a new set of bugs that would give us more blue screens as we updated. Although Microsoft would love to be able to deny this, the blue screen seemed to become their marketing slogan. Microsoft seemed to set itself apart from the competition by introducing the world to the big blue screen. In the world of computer science, Windows had become butt of many jokes.

The Blue Screen of Death Becomes The Joke

One of my favorite jokes of the early days of the blue screen of death dealt with setting the BSoD as your co-worker’s screen saver image as they left for the bathroom. Countless times, we’d all get a laugh when that unexpected software engineer comes back to their desk to learn that the blue screen of death has wiped away all the code they just wrote, just to find it out was a prank. So many good memories!

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