2018 – The Year of The Geek – Which Geek T-Shirts Will You Be Wearing?

Here it is, the beginning of 2018 and we all can agree that this year will turn out to be the year of the geek. With much of our news stories focused on topics such as Bitcoin and Artificial Intelligence, the rise geek is clear. So what will you do when the geeks take over the world and you have no choice but to blend it? The answer is to wear appropriate geek clothing! Focusing first on geek t shirts and moving on from there to hats and other like accessories. This is your guide to which geek t shirts you should be buying first.

Top 5 Best Geek T Shirts For Programmers in 2018

This is a list of the top 5 t-shirts programmers will be wearing in 2018. Pay close attention to this list because it gives you a description of what each geek t-shirt means.

5. The “What is a Programmer” T-Shirt

This is a classic t-shirt for a programmer. In most circles, programmers are known to be like magicians. In every company there is that programmer who can come in and fix any issue ever brought to their attention. If you want to pass off as a true programmer during the geek apocalypse, you better buy this shirt now.

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4. The “I Must Go, My Computer Needs Me” T-Shirt

Every geek needs their computer and when it is not working properly, there is the inherent need to work on fixing it. A true geek will drop everything they are doing to run right to their computer to work on it. If you are going to pass off as a geek during the apocalypse you will want to purchase this t-shirt now.

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3. The “Original Computer” T-Shirt

No top 5 geek t-shirt list would be correct without at least one sarcastic joke t-shirt featured. Show the world that you are a geek by offering up your sarcastic humor by purchasing this t-shirt.

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2. The “Coding Is Like Magic, But Real” T-Shirt

When programmers do what they do, to the average person, it seems like magic. Programmers sometimes like to remind others that what they do is like magic.

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1. The “Window’s Blue Screen Of Death” T-Shirt

Ahh…the classic Window’s “blue screen of death.” You probably know nothing about the blue screen of death if you weren’t a programmer or hard core computer user. To explain, the “blue screen of death” comes from a bug that would occur in Windows that would cause the computer to lock up and show you a blue screen with information about what had happened. This t-shirt commemorates the long struggle us geeks had with the blue screen of death. If you purchase this t-shirt and wear it after the geeks have taken over the work, you will find that you will blend in very nicely.

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