MySQL Cheat Sheet: Helpful MySQL Commands For Handling Databases, Users, and Privileges

There are many commands in MySQL that web developers will use on a frequent basis. However, they do not use them often enough to have to commit them to memory. This is a list of MySQL commands I find myself using quite often.

Show available databases:


Set MySQL Command Line To Use a Specific Database:

USE {database_name};

See all users and their hosts:

USE mysql;
SELECT user, host FROM user;

Creating a database:

CREATE DATABASE {database_name};

Creating a user:

CREATE USER '{username}'@'{host}' IDENTIFIED BY '{password}';

Grant a user ALL privileges to specific database:

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON {database_name}.* TO '{username}'@'{host}';

Grant a user ALL privileges to ALL databases:

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO '{username}'@'{host}';

Author: Joshua Johnson

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