UA1 Labs was created as a side project to develop open source software and prototypes. It was born out of the passion that comes when a Software Engineer is given the freedom to experiment and push the limits of software. At UA1 Labs, we are driven by the challenge of doing the impossible and truly believe that we have the power to create anything our minds can conceive. The current focus for UA1 Labs is build Open Source Software and Prototypes for the web. On the web, we are focused on developing software and prototypes in two main areas, Data Privacy and Accessibility.

UA1 Labs throwback image of 1950's computer lab
“It’s when the spark of imagination is matched so eloquently with the power to create anything, innovative software is born.” ~ Joshua Johnson

Data Privacy

Since the beginning of the internet, the search to monitize websites and services has become the holy grail for those in the industry. As it turns out, users of the internet have been trained to exchange personal data and privacy for the use of seemingly free services. Think about Google Search, Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Twitter, etc. All of these services seem free, but in reality come with the cost of giving up your data and privacy.

As it turns out, the main reason we are where we are, is because of an architectural problem. When creating web services, where do you store users’ data that enables you to provide your service? The most efficient approach to solving this problem has always been to store users’ data on servers that you own. Over time, this became the standard solution for web services.

UA1 Labs imagines a world where each user on the internet has their own API that allows them to control which services/companies can access their personal data. We’ve been working on projects like FireSQL and FireStudio that will enable users with this ability. We hope that, with our efforts, we can show those who build web services that they don’t need to store user data on their services. A user should have the capability to provide their own data as an API to other services/companies like the ones mentioned before.


At UA1 Labs, we believe in the power of the web as an open platform to share information and communicate. Most of those with an internet connection has the ability to access the web and do just that. However, there are many who don’t have the same level of access because websites and services have failed to implement the proper level of capabilities to their websites that provide equal access. Yes, we are talking about the failure to think about A11Y and ARIA standards when developing websites and services.

UA1 Labs imagines a world where A11Y and ARIA standards become so easy to implement that there would be no excuse on why websites and services don’t implement them the way they should be. With our UXjs project, we are focused on bringing tools to developers that allows them to easily identify gaps in A11Y and ARIA and even implement them by adding one attribute to HTML markup.