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Tutorial – PHP Get Main Domain

I was on a recent PHP project and found the need to get the domain name of the app I was building for. When I did some research I found that the main method I was using could become unreliable based on how a server is configured. As it turns out $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']...

MySQL Cheat Sheet: Helpful MySQL Commands For Handling Databases, Users, and Privileges

There are many commands in MySQL that web developers will use on a frequent basis. However, they do not use them often enough to have to commit them to memory. This is a list of MySQL commands I find myself using quite often. Show available databases: SHOW DATABASES;...

Tutorial – After Installing MySQL on Ubutnu 18.04, Fix “Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost'” Error

Recently, I came across an issue when installing mysql-server on Ubuntu 18.04. What I found is that after I installed mysql-server using my standard approach of sudo apt install mysql-server, and after running mysql_secure_installation, my root user was denied access...

Tutorial: Remove 301 Redirect from Browser Cache

As a web developer, it can become frustrating sometimes to deal with 301 redirects when developing website. For example, when using localhost, some of your projects might force SSL. In most cases, when forcing SSL, web servers will send a 301 response along with the...

Tutorial: How to Recursively Merge Two Objects In PHP

I was recently working on a project and found that I had to merge two very complex objects using PHP. I went to search for a solution and of course found array_merge() and array_merge_recursively(). So naturally, I thought I would start out by converting my objects...